Clamp profile is a type of T-slot aluminum profile that is used for building the most stable frame elements in hard guarding and machine enclosure projects. Each variation of the Clamp Profile line includes an applicable securing element for robust clamping force.

The main purpose of Clamp Profile is to withstand production accidents. Steel mesh or polycarbonite panel will fail before the Clamp Profile connection.

the most stable framing profile for panel elements


There are three main reasons to use Clamp Profile:

Economical choice

When applicable, utilizing Clamp Profiles reduces alternative costs that you would normally see when using standard L8 profiles. For instance, less structural framing/fasteners are required and hangers are no longer needed. Overall, less material is used, resulting in a more affordable and better suited build.

Core functionality

Its ability to secure panel elements with vigorous force is unmatched. Elements are placed into the cavity of the profile to secure the panel to the profile. This is done by either bolting in place or compressing with springs/strips.

Application specific product:

Clamp Profile is extruded specifically for securing panel elements; providing the highest level of machine guarding security.

Find out how you can integrate Clamp Profile into your next projects.

Clamp Profile 32×18

Effective door framing profile

A cost-effective way to securely build small doors for machine enclosures. Panel elements can be effortlessly installed into its Clamping Spring.

Clamp Profile E

Permanent, stable framing solution

Clamp Profile E is used to build the outer parts of guarding and enclosure frames. To maximize stability, panel elements cannot be adjusted after assembly. Clamp Profile Strip highly compresses the panel element for a fixed solution.

Clamp Profile

Modular, stable framing solution

Clamp Profile is used to build the outer parts of guarding and enclosure frames. Panel adjustment is a breeze by simply loosening the cap screws and relocating.

Profile Edging, installed in the profile channel, is compressed with cap screws to secure the panel element in a nonabrasive way.

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