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Industrial Profile Systems Overview

Full-scope of the benefits  Industrial Profile Systems’ offers

Technical Overview

IPS Articles

IPS Articles

Leveling Caster Wheels

The quickest and safest way to relocate industrial equipment. Moving heavy industrial equipment has always been a hassle. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

IPS Articles

The Ultimate Frame Stability Profile

Clamp Profile is a type of T-slot aluminum profile that is used for building the most stable frame elements in hard guarding and machine enclosure projects. Each variation of the Clamp Profile line includes an applicable securing element for robust clamping force.

IPS Articles

Students Utilize T-slot Aluminum

IPS Systems had the honor of sponsoring a talented group of seniors in a local high school Battle Bot competition. The students realized early on in their research that aluminum was the ideal selection due to strength vs. weight.

IPS Articles

Empowering Future Engineers

This week also serves as an important reminder to do your part in developing the next generation of engineers. Doing so will help positively shape our world for the future.

IPS Case Studies

Case Studies

Adjustable-Mobile Photo Booth

Industrial Profile Systems was running into a unique challenge: How to get quality product imagery. For small to medium sized projects, there was an answer – An adjustable, mobile photo-booth built out of extruded aluminum.