Extruded Aluminum Machining Services

Extend the possibilities of extruded aluminum framing design with specialty machining services. Industrial Profile Systems pushes boundaries of traditional restricting fastening technology design with precision machining to increase connection and design opportunities. From simple saw cuts to complete machining transformations, Industrial Profile has the tools and knowledge to meet your design requirements. Competitive quotes and precision design function are the result of providing these services in-house.
Does your project require machining services?

Extruded Aluminum Machining

Extruded aluminum framing frequently requires alternative fastening techniques than the specific function of modular fasteners and T-slot nuts. Specialty aluminum profile machining fills this void allowing for more complex designs.

Many intricate applications have been designed because of the extent our extruded aluminum machining capabilities. Some of these builds include:

Industrial manifolds

End-arm tooling

Light and safety posts

Custom linear drive units

Types of extruded aluminum machining services include:

Saw Cuts – Full and miter

Drilling – countersinking, tapping, reaming, boring and counter boring

Pocket Contours – circular, flat and rectangular

Creating irregular shapes, fixing bore shafts, milling and undercuts

Miter Cuts
Circular Pockets
Flat Pockets

Panel Machining

With many different types of panel material, sizes and color options your imagination is the only limitation for what can be built with panels.

Frequent panel builds include:

Plastic & Aluminum cuts up to 1.5″ thick

Tabletops, Cabinets, and Enclosures

Control panels



Applicable Machining Materials


Aluminum Blocks

Aluminum Panels


Compound Material




Brackets & Accessories

For cases when traditional modular fasteners are not enough or simply won’t work, custom brackets and accessories can be designed for a multitude of connection requirements. Specialty hardware created at Industrial Profile is designed to perform a dedicated function specific to your application.

Frequent bracket & accessories include:

Custom Brackets





Custom plates are an alternative fastening method for extruded aluminum framing components. Whether you have an external piece of hardware or require a reinforced connection a custom plate can be designed to provide the functionality to meet your specifications.

Adapter Plates
Connecting Plates

CNC Machines

Two diverse CNC machines powers Industrial Profile System’s machining services, allowing for:

High-volume production

Increasing extruded aluminum framing design options

Travels up to 84″ x 32″ x 30″


Two large routers facilitate all panel machining and bracket designs, allowing for:

Panels cut with precision accuracy

Complex enclosure designs

Increasing fastening connection options with custom brackets and accessories

Sizes up to 80″ x 120″ x 1.5″