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Industrial Profile Systems continues to push industry standards. Product innovations and integration specialists lead this effort. T slot framing offers many operational and financial benefits. Solutions begin development with our strategic planning process. Keeping costs low is a fundamental for any business, so this is what we strive to offer our customers. Strategic design maximizes efficiency, leading to lower purchase and long-term costs. To assist with this, we offer profile lines in many options. Not to mention, no-cost engineering is offered with every order.

T Slot aluminum is the basis for modular advantages. High straightness tolerances provide structural integrity. Joints are just as strong as welded steel. Extruded aluminum is a much lighter option compared to steel. Connecting components is simple using T Slot nuts and other fastening technology. Project modifications, configurations and additions are always quick and easy.

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The Advantages to Extruded Aluminum Framing

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Specializing in Dynamic T Slot Aluminum Applications

Being able to provide solutions for such a wide variety of industries is wonderful. These include aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and many others. Partnering with such a wide customer base has allowed us to learn a lot. There is no longer a project requirement that surprises us.

Production efficiency, safety and structural framing is our core competency. Services are offered for every step in the building process. Both design and assembly are provided in-house. The range of projects created is infinitely diverse. Browse our projects to a unique blend of structural aluminum solutions.

Full-Service T Slot Framing Solutions

Projects are now hassle free. From the very beginning to end, we are with you every step of the way to ensure project requirements are met and on time, using the experience we have learned along the way.

The start of something great. Plan your project with an Industrial Profile Systems expert. Each team member is highly-experienced and knowledgeable with extruded aluminum and modular components to assist you with planning the entirety of your application.


The inception of your application begins. Whether you have a single unit or mass-production requirement, each project is paired with a project engineer to collaborate and work with you to make sure your design meets all necessary requirements. No-cost engineering is provided with all orders.


Your project comes to life. Projects are assembled quickly and accurate to design specifications. Depending on the requirement, Industrial Profile extruded aluminum projects can be fully-assembled, sub-assembled or shipped in pieces and parts.


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